Staropoli Scores Victory at Showtime Speedway!!


(Miami, FL 4.4.17): Showtime Speedway hasn’t always been kind to soon-to-be-doctor Staropoli and the Star Racing team. In fact, while leading at this track on previous occasions, the #97 has been rained out, ran out of gas, and involved in accidents with under 5 laps to go. However, that all changed this past Saturday night when Staropoli and his team brought home the hardware after a hard-fought 50-lap battle at the bullring in St. Petersburg!

“It was awesome to be able to win in our own equipment with my family and friends here,” Staropoli said. “This car is almost 12 years old and we do not get many opportunities to race nowadays… so to come out here and compete with these guys and girls who are on top of their game, really means a lot to me. Huge thanks to Rothe’s Auto Repair, Paul’s Transmissions, AutoNation, and HMS Motorsport for all of their support.”

This win comes at a great time for Staropoli as he will be graduating from medical school at the University of Miami next month, on May 10th.

Super Late Models 50 Laps

1 97 Patrick Staropoli
2 10 George Gorham Jr
3 33 Daniel Webster
4 59x Becca Monopoli
5 37 Michael Goodard
6 44 Raymond Lovelady
7 09 Scott Grossenbacher
8 16 Steven King
9 70 James Glover
10 24 Jamie King
11 121 Brandon Anderson
12 22 David King
13 97d Brian Dorer
14 29 Kendall Anderson
15 21a Alexa Anderson
16 4 Al Larson
17 2b Brad Bowman
18 88 Justin Larson
19 01 Robert Whitaker